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Business Vision

With the basis of totally more than 40 years of consultation experience at a mainframe manufacturer (Sperry Univac [Currently Unisys]) and business practice at software business through Software Pro-duct Business, it is my ultimate desire to be useful to corporations mainly in the sales field and making good use of Telecom business in planning and management.

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Books & Articles: (Japanese)

White Paper on MDM (Master Data Management) Ver3.1, (Opened at Web)

Data Quality Management from Nikkei Computer (Nikkei Business Publication Inc.).

White Paper: White paper on MDM released from ZDNET Japan. I have written more than 20 articles as to Software for remarkable magazines.

Translation of an English written book into Japanese:
Strassmann, Paul A. Information Payoff - The Transformation of Work in the Electronic Age.New York:The Free Press,
1985 Japanese edition was published by Nikkei-McGraw-Hill, Inc. (Now Nikkei Business Publication Inc.) on 1986.

Business Experiences